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Built for the community.

by the community.

Orbit is the first decentralized marketplace built by the community that rewards users for using it.


How It Works

Unlike typical NFT marketplaces, 100% of transaction fees are redistributed to ORBIT Governance Token Holders in the form of WETH and additional ORBIT Tokens. The community is rewarded ORBIT Governance tokens for simply using the platform. Any sale or purchase on the site will be rewarded with ORBIT tokens that may then be staked.


Buy or Sell an NFT

The first step to earn passive income on the marketplace is to buy or sell an NFT on orbit. You can also purchase ORBIT governance tokens.


Get Token Rewards

After buying or selling your NFT, you will be rewarded in ORBIT Governance tokens.


Stake to Earn

You can then stake the ORBIT Governance Tokens to earn WETH and more ORBIT. All revenues from the platform are redistributed.

What makes orbit different?

Fully Decentralized

Orbit has never participated in a private funding round and is governed by the community through the Orbit DAO.

Rewards For Participation

Unlike other marketplaces, you actually get rewarded for using Orbit. Those who use frequently use the platform deserve a voice in governance.

Revenue Distribution

The Orbit Marketplace will give 100% of platform revenues back to Orbit token holders.

Buy/Sell NFTs and get rewarded.

It is that simple.

Get rewarded in ORBIT Governance tokens for simply using the platform. You can then vote on important future decisions to govern the platform and earn WETH by staking!

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Built for the community, by the community.



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